The Application System Xcaml (AS/Xcaml) is a full-featured web-application architecture based on the following modules:

- The Xcaml languange, a web-oriented syntax extension of the Objective Caml language.

- The Xcaml Virtual Machine, an application server with support for the CGI and FastCGI protocols, allowing the execution of Xcaml programs in connection with a web server such as Apache.

- The Xcaml DataBase Schema language (XDBS), a set of XML lexicons and the relative transformations for the conceptual modeling, and both logical and physical design and SQL implementation of complex databases.

- The Embedded SQL syntax extension for the Xcaml language, a statically-typed SQL implementation integrated with the Xcaml language and based on the XDBS.

- The Xcaml Toolkit (Xtk), a set of HTML widgets for the Xcaml language.

- XTex, a dynamic web typesetting engine based on LaTeX, capable of generating PostScript or PDF documents within an Xcaml invocation.

The following module is scheduled for development and will soon be released:

- XcamlPrint, a web-based print server defining and implementing the Xcaml Printing Protocol, and supporting local, network, SMB-shared, IPP-shared, and LPD-shared printers.

The AS/Xcaml is developed by Baretta DE&IT

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You can download the entire AS/Xcaml source distribution from

Alternatively, you can download the source distribution from the Xcaml project home page on SourceForge.

Please note that in order to compile the AS/Xcaml you need the following packages:

You are welcome to send any comments or inquiries to the project coordinator:

asxcaml-guru A T barettadeit D O T com.